Down below are the lyrics to "You Belong in a Pumpkin Patch", a song recorded by Osmosis off of their third full-length studio album, Kenshiro Hates Company.


Eye of the raggedy child,

Very rarely does it move at all

The heart of this family grows tiresome

Down by the church lies a lewd phantom,

Who penetrated my neighbors so

I have a mutilated soul

It has been worsened by nothing but chaos

Fuck my generation

Deep within me rests the everlasting urge to curse everybody

Inside and outside,

I am a violently abused monster

Frankenstein's bride is raring to go with the suicide plan

My arms and legs are bound to the wall,

And the mouth area is blocked by a torture device


My thoughts were

Can I please live a typical life?

Forever told to kill myself,

To fuck myself in the ass,

To ensnare myself,

To choke myself,

To defecate all over thyself

As I dig myself a punishment hole,

I will forever insist on emerging from here and kill everyone,

Everyone who made me feel dirty,

Feel used,

Feel dead,

Feel cold and lifeless

Now my vengeful voice must be heard

If the world intends to shower me with the blood of my naysayers,

Then I shall get to work

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:14
  • Genre: Electro-industrial, progressive rock, alternative metal
  • Producer: Daron Malakian
  • Band performance: Osmosis