Here lies the lyrics to the Osmosis song, "Unquestionability", which was recorded for their third studio EP, Pull on the Strings.


By the looks of things,

Such as that black tongue and the corrupted boy,

I feel as if there is much explaining needed

My arms stretch out to be about as long as a ten foot pole

They start beating away at the small door,

The door that leads to a new place of sanity

Many centuries it has been since I was optimistic,

And now I rarely speak or change my hurtful expression

"How soon is now?",

Sang Morrissey on a broken record player

In my sight rests a fountain of immortality

Its looks are rather deceiving,

Appearing positive on the outside and horrid on the inside

Many questions will be left unanswered after this,

That much I can obviously grasp

I am too intelligent,

Yet moronic also

"It's all Hallows Eve",

Peter Steele sang with his bass-baritone vocals

Three hours into the night,

I witnessed a sickening cauldron in front of me

The ground had a nasty color,

One that resulted in me receiving spasm attacks

These Goth overtones are so not my cup of tea

But then again,

From the opposite end of the spectrum,

Those Emo undertones are piss-poor


Everything I thought was comprehensible is now nonsensical

My face has become numb

The legs that I possess have fallen to the disgusting ground

Obliteration arrived too soon for my arms and hands

Logic has been thrown out the window,

Yet everyone else is not concerned but I

Something should've been given

Nothing matters anymore

I literally was the pot,

That called the kettle black

Nothing makes sense any longer

I feel like a hole that was been touched,

The kind of hole that now serves absolutely no purpose,

But to be humiliated and tortured

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 5:34
  • Genre: Gothic metal, soft rock
  • Producer: Tue Madsen
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • Mike Einziger, of Incubus fame, makes a special appearance on this track.