The page you are now browsing contains the lyrics to the song, "The Beautiful Duwang", written by Osmosis. It is the third track off the group's eighth full-length album, Yunoverse.


Egesting the carcasses of the timberland,

That you strong-armed into unfurling its celibacy

The rollercoasters rupture all because of the supernovae

A wire cutter for you,

As the fetid monorails burst through the Komodo!

Tomorrow never comes

Your vulva will gasp scatologically

This aberrant gash from a moppet,

Who micturates from one side of the chrysalis to another

Did you know this aria,

About a genocidal slayer and his horologe?

My misnomered title was the Vatican

The real moniker is the Heaved Abraxas

No other aura will come close

(No other aura will surpass mine)

The deliberately whispered bellows,

Generated by an orgasmic ratchet

Inimical to the mausoleum's roaches

Besottedness exists without rhyme or reason

Scandalized symptons of dementia,

Extending over a flaxen gauntlet

A flyaway accordion stared at for eons

Here goes the disintegrated muzzle,

Round the mulberry bush of hyperactivity going downhill

The real moniker is the Heaved Abraxas

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