The following page is reserved for the lyrics to "SOS Brigade My Ass", a song by Osmosis. It is the very first track off of the band's fifth full-length studio album, Where's Konata When We Need Her?.


Join me in death

Join me in wholeheartedness

The nectar burns between your shins

Always go out with a smile

We are robust as individuals,

Yet iconic when united as one

Face the music and be newly recruited

Bemoan and rectify the water under the bridge

Play your cards right,

You might be able to undo every bit of injustice

St. Anger can haunt us no more

We have to mature

No letting up

Uncle Noah,

Are you still hearing this?

Everybody's gotta pay the price

Looking you directly in the mug,

Great things can be expected

All the stuff we have fucked up on,

We can substantially improve for the better

I feel most comfortable to belong to a group

Grant my peers and I wings made from transcendence

Tolerance shall be forever promoted

Can't you see the beauty in this,


The time for repentance can start as soon as possible

Disregard the dark ages

Disregard the dark ages

For Heaven's sake

You have all the time in the world

Do not mess up this chance

Hercules and Prometheus,

Wouldn't want it any other way

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:06
  • Genre: Gothic metal, post-hardcore, post-punk revival, hard rock
  • Producer: Brian Virtue
  • Band performance: Osmosis