Down below are the lyrics to the song "Kill Everyone You Love", taken from the American metal band Osmosis' fourth studio recording, Break the Stars.


Needles in my mouth

Daggers pushed into my hands

I have no idea who I am anymore

Emitting poison from my legs,

The tears keep flowing and flowing

My current location's even worse

I cannot escape the waters of Hell

A light isn't noticeable up in the sky

I feel that my human side's been raped,

One too many times

A group of demons throw tombstones at me

I'm thinking this as if it were entitled,

"More Than Bullies; Beyond Morbidly Violent"

I already feel uncomfortable and beaten,

So why should I deserve more humiliation!?

The body of yours truly will be no more,

After all of this

If Satan sends me back,

He'll be begging me to kill everybody I love

I would suffer a lot more later if I refused

Would you know it?

I accepted not

Fifteen years from now,

I might be lifted up to Heaven if I,

Continue going against what he wants

But for the moment, that's irrelevant

I'm stuck here...

Not in limbo, but in Hell

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:09
  • Genre: Deathgrind, groove metal, alternative metal
  • Producer: Toby Wright
  • Band performance: Osmosis