The following page provides the lyrics to the song "Jill Sandwiches", written and recorded by Osmosis. It is the ninth track off of the band's fifth studio album, Where's Konata When We Need Her?.


Sound the alarm

These hesitation marks are becoming erased

Deluge the obstructionists and swallow their roots

A harvest of cannibalism stirs up

Tear apart my own femurs,

Replace them with holy crosses

We are pillagers living in a circle of nymphs

All you guys are dull and indistinguishable

Thou shalt not kill,

Says the ingenious, obtuse cocksuckers who materialized the bible

None of you people have the strength to change

I possess stumps and not believable hands and arms

Will you prefer to oppose?

Submitting defeat will never be an option

The Sandman is staring at you

The Sandman is staring at you

The Sandman is staring at you

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 2:25
  • Genre: Melodic death metal, gothic rock, thrash metal
  • Producer: Brian Virtue
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of this song is a reference to a line spoken by Barry Burton in Resident Evil; by itself, "You were almost a Jill Sandwich" became an Internet meme.