The following article has been occupied by the lyrics to "I Am Error", a song written and recorded by the metal band Osmosis. It is the twelfth and final track off of their third full-length album, Kenshiro Hates Company.


I appear to be healthy

Why are you looking from a far distance?

Feed the part of you that says persistence,

And come closer

Hold your unanimous applause

The tribulations of being someone's victim

Just like an executioner chopping off a kingdom

Born a branch,

Grew up as a pummeled stick

Presumption is what I'll put up with,

Even if I'm stagnant inside the ditch

Overworldly jungles were made to keep apathetic gorillas

They're all stuttering and foaming

Something's attracting their undivided attention

I have had my genesis several decades ago

Why's it gotta feel like three milliseconds?

They say I'm impressive at taking the brunt of it all

They're only checking me out from the rigid treetops

Kids see me as a dynamic warlord,

But they've never killed a mockingbird

This feels too much like being struck down

Prejudice won't help nobody

Xenophobia can't keep rearing its ugly head

Roll the film that revolves around the opposition of jingoism

Rest your fingertips on a canvas

A canvas of the rug

Marauding from the uppity,

And transfering to the law-abiding

Invisible tire marks are my tattoos

You are the parasites accountable for ingesting freedom

Look at the contents never,

Since you enjoy being as benighted as possible

I wanna see you trudge up that stairway to the snake pits

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 8:18
  • Genre: Goa trance, alternative metal, progressive rock, glitch
  • Producer: Daron Malakian and Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of the track is a reference to a character with the same name in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
  • By itself, "I Am Error" actually clocks in at four minutes and three seconds, followed by two-and-a-half minutes of silence, and then a collection of soundbites (including a sample of Super Mario World) which last the rest of the song's length.