The following page provides the lyrics to "I'll Show You What This Badass Mother Can Do", a song written and recorded by Osmosis. The song is the tenth track off of the band's fifth studio album, Ruin and Salvation Are Two Different Things.


Violate me

Desecrate my well-being

I'll make sure all the sexists drink your pussy juice

We're not worthy

We're not worthy

Please whip us to the bone

Be our devilish dominatrix

We did not intend to discriminate

If you bludgeon us into becoming legal,

Then hurry up and compel us

One of us ain't like the other

Made up of acquiescent cowards

My mind is larger than my cock

Hey dame,

What made you a sadomasochist?

Hey babe,

How did you become so fucking alluring

And mighty?

Have my eyes and ears deceived me?

Light shines down on my mug,

Or that could be seminal fluid powered by invigoration

Painted bronchioles have never been so chivalrous

Stilettos rushed into our joysticks

Our hometown is a dark Saturnalia


It is time to eat your heart out

We're not worthy

We're not worthy

We're not worthy

Violate me

Violate me

Adam knew Eve

We oughta be intimate forever

We've been having a go at it

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 6:34
  • Genre: Synthrock, avant-garde metal, breakcore
  • Producer: John Zorn
  • Band performance: Osmosis