Down below are the lyrics to the song, "Elusive", as recorded by the American metal band Osmosis, which has been taken from their third EP, Pull on the Strings.


Handprints all over this shattered statue,

I wake to find

A dreaded eleven-year-old girl skips on the walls

Looking a tad bit innocent with each step,

She opens up my ribcage and collects all the bones

Now I feel exposed

How hard it is to become a human again,

After my lovely tissues were robbed from me

Children and adults alike hide far away,

For I am a complete monstrosity

Tears the color of piss welled up in my eyes

The sight of burning terror is all I see

Haunt me no longer

I'll breathe in the richest of venom

Asleep once more,

The five malevolent men wearing their masks doodle all over

They spent all of their lives in a hellish fortress,

With prostitutes on fire and morbidly obese clowns scattered

Their method of awakening me was most indecent,

And then I woke up swallowing everyone's bodies whole

The taste of malformed entities forever cleansed my terribleness

Naked trees,

Very much peak my interest

All of them remind me of my bloodhounds' pride

Even if days and weeks pass quickly,

They can outlive anybody without supplements

Comparisons to Death himself aren't out of left field,

That sick bastard would say the exact words

Time continues to fly

Regaining parts of my humanity,

I might have another chance to restart my life

That child who once stole my prized possession,

Will soon know what it is like to knock on Death's door

That expression has been in use in so many ways

It no longer has a lasting impression

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:32
  • Genre: Avant-garde metal, progressive metal
  • Producer: Tue Madsen
  • Band performance: Osmosis