Down below are the lyrics to the Osmosis song, "Devilman", which was the eighth track off of the band's debut album, I'll Have You Know.


All these stars in that Southern sky,

Seem to be fading away

The night when I can't follow the gourd will come

All existence of hope is slowly decaying in obscurity

Just like the foul odor of the tornado,


You are bound to end spinning

Be prepared to say your upsetting goodbyes

My own head has been fucking beaten

It's now full of crumpled thoughts,

And this is nothing a doctor can fix up

Our Mother Earth is surrounded by evil flowers

In the nearest future,

Forever will this universe's population stay submerged

Not a trace of light will be viewable

What is this silly world coming to?!

The masses seem terrified,

Of their soon-to-be Island of Atlantis

They should've been less unlettered,

More well-informed

This destination's worst of problems shall be known

It will be the beginning and ending of all things


Women and children,

Everyone is about to give up the ghosts

Hell has been unleashed from under the surface

Are we to blame our inconsistent God,

Or each other for undisclosed matters?

Somewhere from afar lies Hiroshima

I think they might be retaliating

That bomb is slowly being thrown back

I suppose the minority of us can tell

We're Satan's pawns after this

We're Satan's pawns after this

We're Satan's pawns after this

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:41
  • Genre: Post-hardcore, alternative metal
  • Producer: Scott Litt
  • Performance: Osmosis

Band creditsEdit


  • The name of the song is a reference to a manga that bears the exact same title.
  • A sample from the video game, Final Fantasy VI, is played at the end of the track.