Down below are the lyrics to the American metal band Osmosis' song, "Dead Center", which was taken from the album Soul Society.


A seven-day-old planted tree,

Starts to die out

The young boy is too busy harming himself

Everything in this world looks pathetic

How nigh-abandoned this destination is

I feel sick right now

The seductress dances at my bedside

This household's walls appear to be quite angry

Deep inside ourselves,

I swear to God none of us even care

A moon and a sun look to be fornicating

My little sister's school,

Filled to the brim with venomous insects the size of...



An animate knife hops around the cemetery,

While waiting patiently to be finally handled once more

Meanwhile down at the mental asylum,

The notorious group of women slap themselves

A puddle of urine shakes itself onto their bodies

"I shall make this a graceful event",

The liquid entity muttered

Is it truly any wonder why everything happens so fast?

One can automatically think of this as such:

The entire planet is one supermassive dead center

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:15
  • Genre: Grindcore, avant-garde metal, jazz fusion
  • Producer: Marco Simmer
  • Band performance: Osmosis