Down below are the lyrics to the Osmosis song, "Dead Boys", taken from their fourth full-length studio album, Break the Stars.


When I point my gun at you,

Start kneeling before me

I now force you to strip on your deathbed,

And now commence the waterworks

My sex slaves chew on your limbs

This is as gratuitous as it is heavenly

The world you once knew is now Hell's playground

Hell's playground

A vermilion-haired beauty slices at your once-beaten chest

I relinquish my dirty cum and vehemently make you drink it all

You rotten whore

It might've been for the best,

If your youngest of boys pushed you off the roof

By the way,

Just how delicious is the sandwich pushed into your cunt?

The kids are looking at you with sorrowful expressions,

While I'm standing here laughing to death

This is Hell's playground,

Where I have you commit degrading actions

A crowd now gathers to see you as a "woman"

I'm staring at you like a victimized cat

We begin to dance around in an enlarged circle,

Happily singing while you are subjected to memories,

Of absolute pain

Each second a chunk of the sky falls,

It represents how physically and mentally fucked you keep on getting

The lot of us could not have it any other way

Maggots slowly crawl from your detached uterus

The blood and vomit you spew ends up spelling phrases,

Such as "I feel so used" and "Suicide makes my life tolerable"

This is art,

This is exuberant madness

Can I now go back in time and disturb you as a child?

All of this was the result of your dead boys

All of this was the result of them

All of this became clear that it was your fault,

Your big problem

It's now been several weeks since I was out here

When I look down at the ground,

I no longer see the body of a disgusting woman

But why the blood-drenched insects were still crawling is beyond me

Speaking of which,

They have grown to be about the size of the Ten Commandments

I'm removing myself from this wretched battlefield,

And yet I still have the urge to find another

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 4:10
  • Genre: Gothic metal, heavy metal
  • Producer: Toby Wright
  • Band performance: Osmosis