The following page is reserved for the lyrics to the song "Chuck Norris Can Get Outta Master Balls", written and recorded by Osmosis. It is the very first track off their second full-length album, The Dragon Ball's the Most Important Body Part.


Bombarded groom

Allow me to escort you to a hearse

Your arteries just have to be renewed again

My wacky gang of skeletons wanna become one with you

The curtain matches my puke-varnished dress

Think you're so impervious?

None shall resist my memorable satyriasis

What a sight it'll be to peek inside of that aggressive body

Let every secret that hides under your skin

Dim the lights,

So I can be hypnotized for ages

A cameraman needs no such thing as a scoop

Execute all instances of trepidation

For the time being,

I'll show you my primal beast

Vacate your epicycle

The scars I got on my abdomen,

Are worth a fortune

Obey your commander-in-chief

Here is my newfound immodesty

Nobody should be holding back

Discard every positive trait,

Because this is fucking reality

I believe we're invulnerable to disgrace

Bombarded groom

Bombarded groom

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:45
  • Genre: Black metal, alternative metal, shoegazing
  • Producer: Matt Bayles
  • Band performance: Osmosis