Down below are the lyrics to the California-based metal band Osmosis song, "American Kirby's Hardcore", which was taken from their seventh full-length studio album, Soul Society.


Alone with several hypocrites,

I stick out just like a lowly faggot at a Black Veil Brides concert

Someone in my head is telling me to start a mob

My entire body shakes with excitement,

At the sound of that idea

All of a sudden,

A young harlot from behind lends me a torch

Violence was about to be mustered up

Three weeks later,

That prostitute and I had the time of our simple lives

Every single midget, has-been, sellout, douchebag, the works

This dream of mine came true like someone's "resurrecting God" plan

What was thought by many to be a royal disaster,

Was also believed by the two of us to be paradise

The people of this world have no taste

My woman must think that's the reason why they're suffering down in Hell

We were probably pacing ourselves as time passed

The sky above us darkened,

To the point where the color black was the only noticeable thing

That slut and me shrugged it off as no big deal and sat together

The majority of what we did nearly took our lungs away,

The lungs themselves obviously being gobbled up by a menstruating pig

December, it now was

I somehow became unconscious without knowing what even happened

Unexpectedly, a large crowd of saints surrounded me with dangerous weapons

The expressions on their stupid mugs ranged from "come at me" to "godawful",

And I was about to protest

It never actually hit me at first,

But then I realized that the citizens were frozen solid

I could just make like O.J. Simpson and hit the road,

But I'd have to make contact with these cold-esque bodies around me

Three questions still remained:

Where did that girl end up at?

Is she still alive?

Will I ever get to finger her while lip synching to "Show Me Your Genitals"?

In the long run,

All of that didn't seem to matter to me

I was just glad the entire universe finally became mine to harness

Now it can be cleansed of any intolerance

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 5:40
  • Genre: Mathcore, progressive metal, nu metal, dark ambient
  • Producer: Steve Evetts
  • Band performance: Osmosis