This page has been seized by the lyrics to "All Your Base Are Belong to Us", a song written by Osmosis. It is the fifth track off of the five-piece band's third studio album, Kenshiro Hates Company.


Mistranslate all my sentences

My colleagues want to rearrange your phrases

Somebody up in this domain,

Knows not the personification of English

Would you like for me to mar your career?

O gleaming bubble of moonshine,

Impair every pretentious, illegible slob

For the degrees of caution you bastardize,

Let he who has transgressed obstruct his maw

Publications and penmanship are privileges

Make haste slowly

I'm thinking of ejaculating and transpiercing your abomasum,

But only if you lummoxes learn how to circumscribe

Impassion for scripting?

You make me sick everywhere

A toast to you,

While you dragoon yourself into chicaning me


Intensely low standards.





This so-called base has never been yours,

For the taking

None of you inane "wordsmiths" do shit

Once swamped,

I am now fixing to dethrone the staff members

One by one

You have outlived your uselessness

Your base has been situated by me

Your base has been situated by me

You're all fucking discontiuned

Your purpose in the world of the proletariats,

Is no more

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:52
  • Genre: Industrial death metal, krautrock, alternative metal, dark ambient
  • Producer: Daron Malakian
  • Band performance: Osmosis



  • The title of the track is a reference to the European version of Zero Wing.