This page provides the lyrics to the song "(Don't Fear) The Soul Reaper". It was written and recorded by Osmosis, from the band's fifth full-length studio album, Where's Konata When We Need Her?; it is the second track.


Return from whence you came

I wanna know who's next in line to teach you how to maim

Cake and sodomy are two possessions

Just resume your grand molestations,

Kind sir

Hurry up, go wild, and become loose

Eradicate these mofos by hanging them from nooses

Get the hell over here and bend down for me

Some of y'all better make haste and kick that animatronic bear,

In its dirty knees

Me don't give a damn if my rapping's all off

I might send my clients to just knock your block...

Now that I got back on track,

I'm gonna chokeslam that nuisance Bernie Mac

You think this track's meant for comedy?

Fuck no,

I'm about as serious as the controversial Gandhi

Hail to the king

I wear a lotta stereotypical bling


Magical like Harry Houdini

Everybody here's drinking that virgin's martini

Bombastic like Adam Sandler

We should attack that manchild right in the bladder

All the teenyboppers think I'm fresh,

But I'm just making fun of whatever trends are the catch

You can't blame my hating status

Go ahead and act your maddest

Never ever fear the reaper

He ain't any scarier than the Creeper

He seems to be mankind's greatest enemy

But to me,

This grim reaper's got a gay li'l identity

While I bask in luxury and watch this fine-ass cartoon,

You dickheads are better off riding on a harpoon

  • Ash: "Yes, that cold turkey just referred to an anime as a cartoon."
  • Marco: "Eat shit and die!"

Track detailsEdit

  • Length: 3:51
  • Genre: Rapcore, comedy rock, dance-pop
  • Producer: Brian Virtue, Osmosis
  • Band performance: Osmosis