"Better Love Stories Than Twilight" is a song written by the Sacramento, California-based metal band Osmosis. It has been one of the revealed tracks off of the outfit's forthcoming eighth album, Yunoverse; said song was released as a lead single on November 12, 2013. The title makes a reference to The Twilight Saga.


"This song revolves around an android who has the urge to cause itself to malfunction, just so he can become a vampire in order to receive all the attention. The lyrics themselves are a bit more straightforward than what I'm used to writing, but for a good reason: women are better off being head over heels for themselves rather than a bunch of stupid Goth subculture crap that got popular because of heartthrobs." - Marco Simmer


On "Better Love Stories Than Twilight", the band primarily performs the song in a nu metal style. Throughout the track, elements of post-hardcore, reggae, and dark wave are also implemented. Guitarist Phoenix Laston has described it as a totally refined version of an I'll Have You Know tune. Much of Simmer's vocals are slightly distorted (particularly when he screams out the chorus) and, during the bridge, more peaceful with the occasional barbarous shouting. Corey Farrell, the drummer of Osmosis, utilizes blast beats during the introduction of the track; a first for him.

Better Love Stories than TwilightEdit